do not know Jingdong is indeed the lack of funds, or brand confidence, Dangdang Suning Gome launched the electricity supplier price war to the Jingdong’s impact, the Jingdong has not responded, and now even it began to challenge Jingdong. Don’t have the price of butcher, now part from a businessman? Some people say that Jingdong disdain the price war, also some people said that Jingdong has been unable to make price war, in order to IPO, all must endure. The price war and advertising campaigns are burning behavior, for consumers, the price war more affordable. (text / Wang Liyang)

Jingdong brand for Jingdong to retain the number of consumers

electricity supplier price war intensified in April, Jingdong has not been a positive response to rival attacks. Every electricity supplier sniper Jingdong IPO topic is not much to talk about, presumably everyone has been very clear. Mainly explore, Suning Dangdang Gome to Jingdong launched a price war is a role.

Jingdong and Dangdang are vertical electricity supplier started in the process of transformation, integrated electricity supplier, electricity supplier Jingdong than Dangdang do a good many times, the Jingdong had to rely on the price and quality win in the integrated electricity supplier Dangdang, talent shows itself in the market competition. Now Jingdong has a reputation, made the brand, but now rely on the brand Jingdong can resist the price war?

used Pareto’s law to analyze the price war, 80% of the value created by the consumer of 20%. Does the Jingdong brand can attract a group of loyal customers, loyal consumers of this batch of Jingdong is about 20% of the total number of consumer Jingdong, the other 80% of the consumers are more sensitive to the price or no loyalty to the online shopping platform of the consumer, the consumer is in the and the United States Dangdang price war will still support the Jingdong store the 80% of the original Jingdong? Most consumers because of the price factor is lost. Although these 80% of consumers accounted for only about 20% of Jingdong sales, but this is not only the loss of the number of consumers, as well as the brand value of the 80%. The 80% of consumers are sufficient to cause the Matthew effect, if the 80% of consumers to purchase, the Tesco brand value immediately improved significantly. It has created 80% of the remaining 20% consumer sales for the Jingdong, but the 20% Jingdong of the remaining consumers will also receive the Matthew effect gradually lost, and left to create 80% sales for the Jingdong of the remaining 20% consumers is the most ideal. Whether Jingdong’s brand reputation can withstand the value of Suning Gome’s value to be observed. money brand and Gome Dangdang launched a price war to the Jingdong, a sniper is to Jingdong IPO, on the other hand also in the brand. Electricity supplier to do fast, Suning and Gome in the field of electricity providers started very late, Jingdong’s brand has been formed, if you want to compete for the next few years, the electricity supplier the right to speak, this year is the most critical year. If does not slow development of Su Wen Ning like last year did not fire, it had no chances beyond Beijing.