with the rapid development of the Internet, mobile Internet has also been derived, the mobile Internet is the combination of mobile communications and the Internet will become one of the two. According to statistics, the flow of electricity providers and mobile orders will account for the overall flow of electricity supplier and the main flow of orders, the birth of the mobile Internet has gradually changed the development of electronic business platform.

mobile electricity supplier will become the main electricity supplier

The launch of

mobile Internet to major business platform in the mobile terminal, mobile phone client, new media platform promotion, APP application, electronic business platform gradually break the traditional business mode, the fragmentation of the era of mobile providers, electricity supplier is more traffic from the mobile terminal by 2013, mobile providers will become China business growth the main, mobile providers will from passive stage to natural flow mainly to the active stage. A few years ago the shopping is more source PC end, fast development of online payment in mobile devices, more and more users use mobile terminal transactions throughout the business platform statistics, mobile Internet will bring us into a new era.

mobile devices accelerate the development of mobile providers

The popularity of

, mobile phone and mobile phone to improve performance, the use of mobile internet terminal effect continue to strengthen, which makes possible the small business owners through the mobile phone terminal to carry out electronic commerce layout. Mobile terminal e-commerce platform for ease of access and convenience, mobile shopping with its convenient anytime and anywhere and rich experience in the purchase of goods to win more and more users of the network favorite. Consumers around the world are using a portable computer, sitting in a coffee shop, sitting on the sofa with a wireless internet access, such mobile devices will be our online shopping, payment, will have a huge impact. Mobile electricity supplier has been able to quickly become the main flow of electronic business platform, but also from the high performance of mobile devices, multi-functional support a variety of applications.

electricity supplier business initiative to meet the mobile electricity supplier

in the fragmentation of the flow of the times, the business enterprise in order to follow the development of the market demand, will think that e-commerce and mobile Internet integration, business enterprise began to mobile Internet advertising platform for investment, and for its APP application development. Such as VANCL, move into the field of electricity providers at the end of February 2011 launched a high-profile mobile phone VANCL and mobile client; Amazon directly to mobile e-commerce as their strategy, and gradually introduced the Android system, iPhone handheld Amazon, dangdang.com is not far behind the launch of the Android, iPhone and other mobile phone client. As well as beautiful, mogujie.com, public comment and other APP applications. Jingdong’s shop, but also with the development of the client, the source of mobile terminal traffic orders increased rapidly. Meanwhile, the third party payment platform has also developed a mobile client server, so that the process of mobile shopping more convenient and easy to use, but also more secure, reducing the risk of user pay.