sina science and technology news March 1st afternoon news, Jingdong home appliances held a press conference in Beijing this afternoon, the Jingdong announced that the appliance will focus on the development of the market in the next line in 2016. In addition to continue to promote the development of Jingdong will also be based on the introduction of the village market, Jingdong home appliance stores". In addition, Jingdong home appliances also joined the China household electrical appliances research institute and China Electronic Technology Group Corporation Third Institute, launched the home appliance purchase index to improve online experience.


appliance said that since the end of 2014 the Jingdong started in the county city to set up a Jingdong for the service shop, has been more than 1300, mainly used in logistics and distribution, the county and township level city installation, maintenance and customer service marketing.

this year in addition to continue to expand the Jingdong to help other Jingdong appliances will be the way to join in the village opened "Jingdong appliance stores", in order to improve the Jingdong of home appliances to the countryside of warehousing, distribution, installation and other services. In addition to home appliance sales, customers can also get financial support from the store.


in marketing, Jingdong home appliances will be mainly in a second tier city focus, held a tour exhibition, to carry out thousands of farm caravan fairs in the city county village.

Jingdong will also launch the mascot Joy derived image: "real man", "speed man" and "insured man" and "return man" to strengthen the brand image.

on the Internet, Jingdong home appliances jointly by the China household electrical appliances research institute and the third Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, launched the "home appliance purchase index" service. According to the different characteristics of products, appearance, operation, safety, practicability, energy efficiency, health, attachments and intelligence level of different latitude to score, to provide consumers with visual reference standard.

in terms of suppliers, Jingdong proposed the strategic cooperation brand three years does not rise the contract point strategy, hoping to gain advantage in competition with other friends. In addition to logistics, capital, technical support, Jingdong will also open platform for manufacturers big data.

The general manager of Jingdong

home appliances division Yan soldier said this year’s goal is to go beyond the traditional home appliances channels, for home appliance retail sales channels first line.

according to the China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute recently released 2015 China home appliances online shopping analysis report data show that Jingdong in the home appliance online shopping market share reached 60.2%. But compared to the transition line Gome and Suning, Jingdong line does not have the advantage, and the need to bear a higher cost of land rental shop.

in the following three cities and rural markets, the higher the cost of educational users online shopping appliances. Although Jingdong launched the Jingdong to help and Jingdong home appliance stores, but compared to the friends of the business has been relatively mature, can be used as a logistics network stores compared to Jingdong force late, more difficult. And franchised stores also need to ensure the quality of service.

Gome Suning price war in the case, the advantages of Jingdong online still have to bear no small