online payment is an important part of business transaction process, according to Analysys data show that the first quarter of 2012, Chinese third party Internet payment market registered accounts reached 1 billion 89 million, including Alipay and caifutong account size of absolute advantage to occupy the top two, reaching 61.78% and 18.91% respectively. The Tencent has in the third party payment market ranked second TenPay, but the recent Tencent electricity supplier still chose to access Alipay, which makes the Jingdong and’s attitude has become particularly concerned about.

Tencent access to Alipay

Tencent since the strategic restructuring of Tencent since the electricity supplier won a $1 billion investment, the development goal is 5 years, total transactions amounted to 200 billion yuan. Then the electricity supplier Tencent launched a series of movements, the first is to integrate the investment business, then pull books, Dangdang settled maternal channels, but the most noteworthy event or access alipay. QQ online shopping access Alipay, the Tencent’s determination to open.

Tencent’s electricity supplier business began to operate from 2005, has been quietly chasing Taobao, has always been a cottage Tencent is not invincible in the C2C, B2C, the payment of the third party than ali. Tencent business past and all-round competition, Ali, to compete with Taobao, QQ and Taobao mall mall competition, caifutong to compete with Alipay, but the three big plate competition Tencent lose injured all over the body. Now the Tencent began to integrate the QQ QQ online shopping mall and pat, and began to access Alipay, said this business and third party payment services, Tencent at the electricity supplier, choose to give up caifutong. Tencent to access Alipay Tencent sales absolutely good, but will the caifutong have a certain influence, Alipay and caifutong overlap users are likely to gradually give up the use caifutong, which will further widen the wealth between the pay gap with alipay. But for Tencent electricity supplier business is more advantageous than disadvantages.

Jingdong refused to Alipay

in August last year, Jingdong and Alipay completely broke up, Liu Qiangdong has said publicly that Alipay’s rate is nearly 4 times as large as another online payment company, Jingdong each year to pay 5 million yuan for Alipay -600. In fact, this is just a Jingdong that rhetoric, Alipay and other payment rates do not necessarily have so big, on the other hand, a year 500, 600 million for Jingdong are not worth mentioning.

Many people say that

Jingdong refused to Alipay is afraid of Jingdong and the Jingdong Alipay master data, the statement said another reason to leave Alipay online payment using less, Jingdong 80%-90% users are using cash on delivery way with real online payment users is around 10%, four of the company to pay in Jingdong mall cooperation, Alipay is not accounted for the largest, leaving Alipay and will not affect the sales performance of the Jingdong as a whole. If Alipay paid Jingdong accounted for less than 90% of the overall sales, Alipay could not grasp the Jingdong value number >