] August 18th news billion state power network, billion state power network that before a share "how to use the double eleven vulnerabilities in Tmall free shopping" pictures in the popular QQ group. The picture tells the story of how to use the seller during the eleven double sensitivity to the dispute, after the purchase of things to force the seller does not return only refund the whole process.

pictures from QQ group


display, during the double eleven Tmall sellers are afraid of refund disputes, buyers after shopping for "not only if the direct return refund, Tmall sellers in order to" life "double eleven, usually choose to give away goods to customers.

a senior Taobao seller for billion state power network said, Taobao in accordance with the existing rules, methods in the picture is feasible. At the same time, although still not encountered such a situation, but has been friends by malicious sellers buy home this way "blackmail", the seller can’t give away goods trouble, solve the dilemma.

The senior

sellers said that at present, Taobao small sellers to reflect this, but still have not received the official Taobao for such malicious manipulation treatment of the official reply.

billion state power network to understand, for this, many sellers in the Taobao internal forum Tucao eleven customer service sellers index is not reasonable, including: buyers apply for no reason to return, but he did not return, effects of processing time, leading to the seller customer service service comprehensive index is affected by the buyer unreasonable; apply for a refund, a dispute with the seller, to influence customer service index.

part of the seller that comprehensive customer service index slightly deformed, excessive pursuit of shop score, put more real good goods and service ability of businesses out of the double eleven; on the contrary, those malicious brush comments fraud has been part of the business to.

, however, noted billion state power network, the day before, on issues related to double eleven investment in response to the proposed Taobao small sellers, part of the answer is the equivalent of the malicious manipulation in doubts.

said the second, if the seller in the course of business, they are suspected of malicious fraud, can be the first time to contact the Tmall customer service, and do everything possible to preserve evidence, including chat records, telephone recording etc..

in addition, 2 also pointed out that the eleven data acquisition by the end of August 11th, so the August 11th to August 22nd period, the new dispute rate does not affect the business of both eleven registration. In the first 28 days of August 11th, comprehensive index of customer service service not as long as the bottom of the 10% industries, businesses can sign up.


small sellers

answer questionsAccording to

billion state power network understanding, 2014 Tmall investment will double eleven details have been exposed on the Internet, Tmall will be from the eight aspects of a comprehensive assessment of the business, to determine the eleven finalists two businesses list, eight aspects include: 1 Alipay turnover (Japan); 2>