Liu Qiangdong is in a good mood recently.

from mid April, several consecutive weekend, Liu Qiang on a trip through the east. From the Jinli Street of Chengdu cuisine, fishing ponds in the outskirts of Beijing, to the barbecue and wine on the emerald Island, Liu Qiangdong are slightly excited tone, his travel pictures posted on micro-blog.

mall as Jingdong chairman of the board and CEO, Liu Qiangdong has sufficient reason for yourself: in April 1st, Liu Qiang East announced that the Jingdong has completed a total of up to $1 billion 500 million in the latest round of financing, which has received 1 billion 100 million.

this is by far the China Internet market is the largest single amount of financing, more than more of the company’s IPO (IPO) the amount of financing, even some has always been calm PE person in charge, "they are crazy to describe the incredible transaction.

the money may not burn too long. The Jingdong has disclosed plans in the next 5 years will spend 10 billion to 20 billion yuan in the construction of a nationwide logistics system, which only in 2011, will start the construction of 7 level and 25 level two logistics center logistics center. In addition, technology research and development as well as to consolidate the market position of marketing, Jingdong will also bring a lot of spending.

but, what about IPO?. Since 2010, Chinese e-commerce financing market has flourished, although many people think that this is a huge bubble burst, but as long as people rush in the investment change before IPO, the Jingdong also hope to create a more expensive financing miracle "".

this matter is not difficult. In December last year, the Jingdong rival is to complete the IPO, financing $272 million, mean up to 103 times the first PE (price earnings ratio), by contrast, China A stock market more than 50 times the PE has enough to make institutions and investors tremble with fear.

now, the only question is, if before this, the electronic commerce of the capital bubble has burst, who will invest a sum of money for Jingdong


this is also China’s more than 20000 e-commerce companies, the vast majority of companies need to think about the boss.

venture crazy cast: they really crazy

Jingdong and Liu Qiangdong financing to catch up with the best time – from the beginning of 2010, e-commerce financing began to blowout".

According to the

China e-commerce research center data, independent research institutions in 2010, China only B2C e-commerce field, investment and financing have been disclosed to have 42 cases, of which 35 venture capital, a total of more than $550 million; IPO two, raising a total of $389 million; site acquisition 5; there are 12 areas in the network group purchase 2 cases of mergers and acquisitions, investment.

and in 1-4 this year, there are at least 7