June 24th news, Alibaba opened with the global village model, with the United States, Britain, Switzerland and other countries embassy. Invite them in Tmall platform, can sell some of its expertise in Tmall products, such as: American lobster, oysters and other australia. Ali move is to speed up the cross-border electricity supplier into the next few years, China may become the world’s largest cross-border electricity supplier needs of the country. Ali, Jingdong and other well-known domestic electricity providers are actively planning the layout of cross-border electricity supplier, the local electricity supplier brand to the world may be just a matter of time, when foreign electricity providers naturally want to enter china.


each country has embassies in foreign countries, Ali chose to work with the embassy, it is better to expand cross-border electricity supplier. This is the second phase of the National Museum Project Ali, Ali will certainly continue to vigorously promote this project, so that all embassies around the world are involved in the cross-border electricity supplier projects. The last two years of cross-border electricity supplier has become a hot topic, but also the domestic electricity supplier brand new battlefield, but to enter the overseas electricity supplier is not easy. Ali Taobao has repeatedly blocked, even by overseas institutions of complaints, mainly because Taobao selling phenomenon is rampant. This is Tmall, Taobao’s long-standing fatal criticism.

why other countries will actively join the National Museum of Ali project, the main reason is the fancy of the last two years, the sea Amoy market demand. This is a way to open up China’s consumer market or channels, due to logistics, customs and other related issues, cross-border electricity supplier is just the embryonic stage, to mature also need a transition time. But there is a positive promotion of government departments and major electricity supplier brand, I believe that soon the cross-border electricity supplier will spread, we can stay at home to buy the goods all over the world. Of course, for domestic similar products or brands, is the opportunity and challenge.

The earth village model

Ali but also by analogy, many of the world famous brand can be attracted to the Tmall platform, such as: Louis Weedon, LV, Chanel and other package. If these brands can be settled down to Taobao, Tmall, then the cross-border electricity supplier Ali and took a big step forward. After Ali will certainly promote this area, the world’s famous brand too much, but the cross-border electricity supplier to mature, it must allow overseas users to have the right to set up shop in the domestic electricity supplier platform.

in Tmall, Jingdong, the two largest electricity supplier platform, is the main force of small sellers, the real flagship store, brand shop, after all, a small number of. So the cross-border electricity supplier also needs the support of small and medium sellers, of course, is a small seller or business overseas. Tmall, Jingdong is not only China’s electricity supplier brand, or the world’s electricity supplier platform, can do this to explain the cross-border electricity supplier on the real success. This article from the computer assembly network http://s.www.diypz.com/ webmaster original reprint must keep