received a March 19th news, Microsoft announced its official flagship store in China today officially settled in Tmall. This means that Microsoft official began to catch up with China’s largest domestic enterprise electronic business platform, began serving the majority of online shopping. The news itself is not much surprise, it has been on the line as early as last October, Microsoft Chinese official mall, the catch the Tmall online shopping carrier platform is a normal development strategy, the key point is that Microsoft settled the impact of distributors, believe this is all businesses are most concerned about.

through the news we learned that Microsoft’s distributors in the shop opened in Tmall will continue to operate in Tmall, forming a new situation of coexistence of manufacturers and agents. We see Microsoft’s official flagship store will be sold, such as: Microsoft Surface tablet, Office software and services, Windows computers, Windows Phone smart phones and accessories and other products. These products are undoubtedly highly repeated with the distributors of the product, the key point is that they have a difference in price or gift. You know, any small gap will change the choice of consumers to businesses, the price is more affordable, the higher the cost of course, more welcomed by the market.

this point for the distributors, is undoubtedly the most worried about the price, it is this fight but the manufacturers, but also sold if collocation gifts, will reduce their profit margins. As a result, Microsoft’s flagship store’s operating strategy is critical to the distributor of the existing Tmall mall, and even affect their future prospects.

now from the exposure of information, Microsoft’s official flagship store in the promotion of more attention to the consumer experience and after-sales technical support. "Microsoft China official flagship store will be through online chat and customer service to provide pre-sales service, and provide tailored for China Surface users" Microsoft fast to use "service, help users to complete the installation and use of the original. More importantly, Microsoft has the leading technical support and return policy." These are the contents of their services, which can be seen, perhaps it is not to seize the reseller market, perhaps more is to promote its services, to create a good market reputation.

overall, Microsoft will not let his training to the distributors easily crashed, from the point of view of "emphasis on publicity, after Microsoft distributors in the Tmall shops will continue to operate in the Tmall" the meaning of this sentence do not have taste, in my opinion, it is not only a kind of comfort distributors panic. Is expected to tell more potential distributors to join Microsoft, are coming to you more, rather than to the job. This article Admin5 first, please remember us: Classic shopping mall reprint please indicate the source, thank you!