First floor: apply for Google Adsense

A, registered Google AdSense


if registered before Google AdWords (Google ad – on the right keywords pay promotion) then you can use your Google AdWords password, open Google AdSense.

Google does not support Chinese, fill in the registration registration after Pinyin cannot change the name of payer or country / region name, but if there are special circumstances need to change by mail and Google Adsense by the librarian to help you modify.

two, waiting for Google Adsense reply 2-7 the other day, Google Adsense will send a letter titled "Welcome _Google_AdSense" message to you, that your site has passed Google Adsense audit, can publish Google Adsense ads; you may also receive a rejection by the audit the mail, the mail will tell you not through the examination of the reasons, such as what the site has dead links, or site in violation of the provisions of the content, if you need to continue to apply, then you can reply after solving these problems, Google Adsense told you they mentioned the problem has been solved, then you will usually through the examination of the message received.

three, enable the account to start advertising

first step: enable the account please visit Hl=zh_CN, and then use the submission of the email address and password to login to your account, and agree to the terms of the AdSense

The second step:

third step: to see the results of ads start running, you can in your account online report at any time to view the income after uploading, and not.