The network for a long time in

, also learned a lot about the network line. Many people say it is wrong to make money on the internet. Money is earned. Just earn hard or not hard problem. Some people can easily earn thousands of days, while some people do not have half a penny of income, but also can not think.

in the final analysis is not the problem of methods and strategies. For a newcomer, want to make money on the network. First of all, it is necessary to follow a good teacher, first of all to understand the needs of the industry, some of the knowledge, to solve some of the problems encountered in the exchange. There is a good tutorial on the project to learn, but in the process, it is likely to encounter a variety of projects, this time there will be some friends on the pain, in the end what kind of money is it?

anyway, in my opinion, I think we should do something, we should first understand their needs. What is the purpose of what we do and what we want to achieve?. If it is possible, we will do it boldly. If it is not feasible, we also need to analyze why it is not feasible. I have done some projects before many Wangzhuan project, how many have access to. But there is no one I like, because there is no technical content, all physical operation. There is no future at all, you can always busy. What we do should be taken into account in the future. It is the accumulation of experience and the expansion of wisdom. Not always in the wedding dress for others to do physical labor.


concept has changed, we can make greater breakthroughs in future in order to have a very good development, but also to stand on a higher level to explore a more outstanding way of higher. That is to say we would rather early hard point, not to make money, but if there is a lot of wealth emerged. Rather than go hard every day to earn some money every day. This is not worthwhile. As the year goes by, we need more and more, and more and more desire. But if our ideas and ability has not what big breakthrough, it is doomed to be poor in our life, is doomed not to have the bigger development space in the network.

we often have a sense of thinking, to think about what other ways to make money, if you do so, which approach will be better. We need to practice, to explore. Instead of seeing what to make money. We must have our own subjectivity. Not only do their own conservative, always concerned about the new project operation, because the real money is the first to do. At the same time, we can not be too radical, too many do not have the example of income, but also tired to death. Learn to analyze and learn to think. In addition, the concept of investment. The concept of no investment is doomed to your future development will not be too good. To know where to spend money, it means that your personal consumption concept is how. If money is spent on your studies, proving that you want to be able to get a lot of money, spend money on the investment, indicating that you want to be able to get more value, spending on consumption, that you like to enjoy. Make big money