often see a lot of friends complain on the Internet, said the application of a number of GGAD did not pass. I feel very puzzled, GG do not want to have more webmaster do GGAD answer is yes, because a large part of GG profit is ggad. So what are the real reasons why a lot of people don’t have access to the Google Adsense account, and as far as I can see, the problem is mainly in the domain name for the GGAD account.

some friends said, with a new domain name to apply for GGAD account is generally not passed. To this end, I deliberately made a small experiment, with the latest CF game station to do to apply for GGAD, the result is second days received GG reply and opened the GGAD account. So what kind of domain name is suitable for the application of the GGAD account, my experience is that as long as the following 3 conditions can be met:

real name 1, you apply for a user in Google Adsense that did not enter the blacklist (that is not registered and have been K, if it is registered, but you forget, not K, that can give Google Adsense group letter, explain the reason, so you can still register)

2, the application domain name must belong to your application Google Adsense real name of all

3, you use the domain name to do the station, we must have the content, do not be too small, at least 50 or more, the interface is not too bad, get a full point.

also need to be reminded that the GGAD account is very valuable, we must cherish. For the general method of cheating, GG are recognized. I hope the webmaster friends can do the integrity of the station, to obtain a reasonable income. Finally, I wish you all can make a lot of money through GGAD!