recently wrote the blog to make money (, a lot of friends expressed their views, there are friends to support, but also a lot of opposition. So we should not make money blogging. How to make money?

actually I built this blog that is Su embarrassed to write something, then he is engaged in this industry, the use of QQ space, Sina do not think is appropriate. Do not think too much, not to think about using this to make money. I have never taken the initiative to pull advertising. Take the initiative to sell links. Are people who come to my space message said to buy text links.

some people support, some people oppose, I do not support, I would like to say that the opposition. Some people say that we are non-profit blog, are their own hobbies. If it is written to make money, it will become a kind of pressure out of mind. I want to say, I do not have any pressure, I did not leave my mind, I have been insisting on writing what I want to write. I don’t think about how to make money. The only thing that’s different is that my blog has done a link. A few more articles on the subject. Some people say that doing so little money, no significance. I just want to say. I really made the domain name and the cost of the server back. I’m taller than you, PR.

everyone’s ideas are not the same, the difference is too large values. Maybe different ways. But I hope all my friends can do their own blog. Whether you are making money. Still in the investment. I hope to have your name on the list.