Getty Images a photo of the "911" terrorist attack. The site collects a lot of photos and authorizes others to use

Getty Images was founded in 1995, although there is no Twitter and Facebook such revolutionary ideas, but it can be called the picture industry Google, two market valuation of up to $3 billion 300 million. Its pattern is very simple: collect digital photos taken by professionals and non professionals and sell them to others.

through a number of acquisitions, Getty Images has now become the pictures and videos of the world’s largest agency, the database has 80 million pictures, many network slides and picture library materials are derived from this. For example, search for "happy people" in the gallery, you can return 626319 results. It is because of such a huge amount of resources that the Getty Image tentacles throughout a variety of blogs, websites, companies, advertisers and magazines.

Getty Images revenue of nearly $1 billion, has become a force can not be ignored media. Carlyle Group apparently noticed this, the Private Equity Investment Firm in August 15th to $3 billion 300 million valuation, from another Private Equity Investment Firm Hellman & Friedman bought a majority stake in Getty Image. The remaining equity held by co-founder Getty Images, they are the oil tycoon Paul Gadi (J. Paul Getty) grandson of Mark Gadi (Mark Getty) and former investment banker Jonathan Klein (Jonathan Klein). However, the identity of the two of them has become the chairman and Images Getty CEO.

and Klein Getty in London (Hambros Bank) Hambros bank work co founded the enterprise. "This is a manual industry, there is no business rules, completely operated by the photographer." Klein said.

they initially spent $30 million acquisition of British picture company Tony Stone Images. Since then, Getty Images has acquired a total of more than and 100 pictures. They listed in 1996, 3 years after the headquarters moved to Seattle, in order to be closer to technology companies and customers. Like WAL-MART, Getty Images crazy expansion, making small picture agency lost the living space.

Getty Images has long been aware of the impact of the digital revolution on photography. In 1998, they acquired PhotoDisc, which is the first sales in digital format