do their own Google Adsense time is not long, the experience is not much, but still want to put their ideas and the recent knowledge of the network to learn and share with you, hoping to help some people.

below is the idea of a few points:

1, a machine do not login multiple accounts, so as not to think we cheat

2, I didn’t chant K, it is said that if the account is K, will have to change the system or change the account, also as much information as possible for a new


3, as far as possible don’t click on their own advertising (


4, do GOOGLE site, even if you do not GOOGLE, but also to open, but also to bring the above GOOGLE advertising, facilitate them in the remittance of the audit.

5, do more referrals, promotion in many places is an advantage, although less money, but the security

6, recommend the GOOGLE account, do not do any other business (which I do not know, we analyze it)

7, be sure to add a web site to allow others to brush your account