14 for sale or rental inside the website

this way has existed for a long time, but has not been promoted. A page on the site to rent or sell to others, you can get a certain income. However, buyers will usually choose a higher PR or larger traffic sites, so small sites in this way is not ideal. It is recommended that this concept, if more research, you may see other hope.

15 highlights the sponsor’s article

websites with sponsors or other content buyers can choose this method.

this way in the country is rare, but BAIDU can be said to be an old hand in this regard.

16 request donation

directly on the website of the country to donate the words of the site is not much. But it is also quite common in foreign Wangzhuan way to personal blog, to Wikipedia, can choose this way to get income. As long as the owners find readers can benefit from your web site, you can hang out at the site of "give us donation" sign.

WordPress Buy a Beer plug-in is "request donation" variant of Me. You can use this plug-in at the end of each article to add a word, please readers to make a contribution to your website.

17 text advertising

article in the link with the text of the ads are usually marked with a double underline to distinguish the general link text. Visitors will stay on the link when the mouse, advertising will pop up. If the visitors click on the pop-up ads, the webmaster can get income.


some sites rely on this way, but there are also many sites do not want to choose this way to visitors think Wangzhuan, noise. Choose this way of profit mainstream website is very few.

18 pop-up ad

pop-up advertising is a very common way of Wangzhuan is quite annoying, a. If the purpose of your site is to make money, then choose this pop-up ad.

but from the increase in traffic, the development of long-term visitors point of view, pop-up advertising is not desirable. From a variety of pop-up window blocking program can be seen, pop-up advertising is not so popular with visitors.

19 audio ad

audio advertising Wangzhuan is also called PPP (Pay Per way Play, according to the number of pay, play) their mode of operation is: when visitors enter the site, a little too 5 seconds will automatically play audio advertising. Visitors can not break this kind of advertising, so in accordance with the number of visitors to count, advertising click rate is 100%.

of course, this is also a very disturbing advertising