"your child is not Study hard, grow up after you sweep the street JianPoLan!" for 80 grown old boys, so we often hear the teacher education when I was young, although we have been advocating the equality of work, labor is the most glorious the slogan, but in fact hear such a words, always trembling. But who can think of ten years later, the electronic waste recycling practitioners than in the office of the senior white-collar workers in the grid even richer. Even the annual output value of the industry chain has reached hundreds of billions of yuan. Such a staggering figure, whether it makes your heart ready to consider before education. But do not be impulsive, how to pick up garbage how to extract garbage from a pile of scrap gold among them, it is a learning, please listen to me carefully to everyone.

· Beijing gold belt on the poverty belt guerrilla


officially began in the article, I want to talk to you about the survival of us now, as the capital of Beijing has an important geographical location, population density and huge consumption of resources, there is a ring of poverty in Beijing area in the suburbs of Beijing and the surrounding area within a few hundred miles, usually located in remote areas with the Department of urban and rural areas, these places there are a large number of waste electronic products recycling workshops, ranging from waste household appliances, mobile phone, computer to waste waste, the waste collectors and most of the e-waste live a. But it is such a living environment, so that these people found a business opportunity, and began to start the purification of electronic products.

recycling of waste electronic products after chemical purification of precious metals amazing profits

electronic waste is different from the Other Waste category, electronic waste degradation due to the difficult basic not by landfill manner, while the recovery and purification of incineration has become the main way of recycling of electronic products, according to the Internet information, the waste electronic products, the two purification of noble metal content tends to be lower than initial purification of high purity ore a lot of gold elements contained in the circuit board is a ton of gold ore is 40 times to 800 times. A ton of waste printed circuit boards, for example, can extract 400 grams of gold and a total of about 200 kg of copper and other metals of about 500 grams.

, according to people familiar with the industry, a ton of circuit boards dismantling classification for transactions and profits of around forty thousand to about fifty thousand, e-waste recycling purification, a year to get millions of nature is very easy, even in rural villages with small workshops, a net income of hundreds of thousands of years is not a problem, but observation of the recycling industry chain, to count to fifty thousand yuan a ton of electronic waste recovery price, the e-waste recycling market hundreds of billions of dollars a year to do a blossom everywhere, the amount is not a problem.

· tax policy led to a small workshop

blossom everywhere

difficult to do business in China, in addition to a good manager should also take care of the following people’s emotions. More profits, the relevant departments to check the water meter, less corporate profits >