Go for a walk

in the evening, there are pieces of sign when he passed the post office of foreign exchange collection inadvertently, I immediately think of my GG, GG to come back immediately after to see how much money, in a more new


ha ha seems to be like a bank card money. A careful look at the time has not yet opened this feature, the specific date of the opening of the speculation, but since this prompted that GG has begun to localize the Chinese business. When there is a quick payment option in the background payment option, it shows that the.

immediately search the Internet for Western Union, the relevant information is as follows:

is a Western Union money transfer refers to the American West (WEST UNION FINANCIAL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL company) real-time remittance remittance special software. On a global scale, it takes only a few minutes to reach the payee. Business and the world’s 186 countries, outlets up to more than 100 thousand. Have a good reputation all over the world. Chinese post is the western union company opened Western Union international institutions fast exchange business in China’s first.

really and I saw at night in the post office signs coincide with the

and find the relevant cost information, to everyone on board

a, location: ABC, post can handle. Others don’t know.

features can be real-time arrival, the other does not need to open an account in the bank, with only the remittance generated password or to withdraw, and without money transfer.

basic procedures:

1. Western Union remittance remittance to the nearest bank remittance agency outlets, fill in the "money order";: