has recently been put on the Ali Mama advertising, the effect can also be, at least every day is coming in, of course the absolute value of money is too small, it is a sideline, or in inflation today, because of this income or bun or a Steamed Buns hesitated, found a little trick, mom advertising should be changed frequently, the first time I changed the content delivery, revenue doubled four times, no second for third days, the income came down, as there is a certain stickiness station, or to change the advertisement, the change of the " in the game list home page today; " the theme of the advertisement, see tomorrow click on the home page. How to put the Taobao advertising. See figure or click to see the effect. So do stand must be diligent.


traffic has been steadily rising, the cnzz statistics in the history of the highest PV and the highest IP was yesterday, and today to 21:00 or 22:00 and beyond yesterday, Ali valuation system will improve the mother every day, very happy, or two experience: 1. Must be diligent, every day to take care of, 2. For the sake of users. 2 do, your traffic will cheat, O, indiscriminate use of advertising, forum posting, so have the effect, but not the right way, can not eat.

may have recently ranked Alexa, I saw a page of Alexa, has not been the data before, and now there is no data, but somewhat different, look at the following URL:, originally empty, and now has an average of one week, the average is about 20524322000000, but also good, I hope to be among the top 1 million. Ha-ha。

Tao has not traded, the man products are showing me ten thousand times, showing a free, I’m ready for advertising, the day after tomorrow, and then observed one or two days. There is no successful experience of the Tao, see this post please enlighten me, thanks.