I am also in more than a month ago idle thing, began to really start Taobao guest. My method is to make their own one or two small single product promotion, but do stand for more than 1 months, according to their own experience and knowledge, here today to count Taobao off the five deadly sins. These five sins are my own mistakes, but also the analysis of other people’s Web site to see the error. Write it down today, on the one hand can be warned that they will not be able to make the same mistake in the future; on the other hand, also to the novice webmaster a little hint or warning.

              Taobao is a Wangzhuan fire in a few years ago, many people have to earn his first pot of gold by Taobao customers. More and more owners have begun to launch a series of Taobao guest tutorials, different owners have different promotional experience, but all have a certain impact on the novice. The new Adsense started as a Taobao customer is through the learning of others tutorial, trydifferent methods, 10% owners became Taobao off more of the 90% master, novice webmaster is likely to die young, to engage in something else.

              in fact, although he is a novice, but still think that no matter what must be able to insist on doing. Being influenced by some of the tutorials on the web, they are constantly changing their practices and trying out some new ways, although there is no big success but also see the effect. Do people off the success of the Taobao There are plenty of people who, every successful though they are using different methods, but one thing is for sure is that they insist on down. Below to look at Taobao off the five deadly sins:

            the first crime and the "herd effect" in the Taobao  

              referred to the "herd effect", I do not think it strange. In the marketing world, herding is often play the most incisive, and this strategy is tested. Small streets and lanes of quacks selling God of medicine, to large multinational companies will use herding to increase their sales performance. However, Taobao passenger industry also appeared in the herd effect is a good thing or a cup? A webmaster to do weight loss products by Taobao to earn a lot of money, so do some video began to teach others how to do weight loss products can make a lot of money. Anyone who wants to earn money is willing to do it, so it’s not long before the Taobao website is a 10, the 100, the 1000…