original title: an entrepreneur to see WeChat 5: Fortunately, I do not belong to WeChat to engage in that kind of death!

as a grass root entrepreneurs things are desperate to get a WeChat 5, since be nothing difficult. After getting the WeChat 5, I think about the 5.

fortunately, I do not belong to the WeChat to be dead

get the 5 version, really scared out of a sweat, I do not WeChat online translation, a sweep function, to death a number of two-dimensional code such as a check enterprise. 5 see the meaning of death and engage in a number of online translation companies, see the following icon, he is not being dead as weigh yourself, if it is, that it’s nature, ma do not say when others complain to see behind the opportunity, look after WeChat was dead and 5 what chance, this is not sarcastic, is honest; fortunately, we did not belong to Gaosi list.


WeChat entrepreneurial threshold in improving


business, before the application for a public number, regardless of content or sell products, you can accumulate user operations, even generate income; but now the rules changed, even if not dead, but can’t afford to do business enterprises, each platform whether Apple is WeChat, any wind sways grass are may let the enterprise even Yimingwuhu utterly routed.

take the subscription number, every day a push, coupled with good content, easy to attract a large number of users, the folding of the deep layer, if the loss of half open rate calculation, the original 10 thousand users, now equivalent to only 5000, assuming that the user ARPU values. You need to get the same, revenue doubled the users more than the original, that means the effective user acquisition costs and doubled, entrepreneurial enterprises really vulnerable.


5 era, the public account icon to enhance the status of

contrast can be seen from figure two, the original form of the list of public number changed Apple page mode, the original list, we all huddled together, the icon area is very small, coupled with the users to find public account of the point itself is very strong, the icon status is of little importance; and WeChat public account 5 icons in the larger and arranged in a planar form, users need to find you in a dazzling icon, like apple, the icon is eye-catching became an important factor, you guarantee both users to quickly find the icon, and also has good icon to intercept the user’s role, again pointing to the user also baobuqi for icon affection, first open, you open your business, so the company must spend more time on the icon.