A half months ago, a friend of the request, Guangdong City talent network completed the first half of the year, the daily traffic is only 300, the need to promote, but the promotion expenses extremely small, spend money to do a website after you do not want to spend what money.

about the target site of demand, the talent network located in the city, business radiation surrounding towns, to further understand the need to answer: do not know what effect. In short, there is no network awareness, as a talent network, this is really sad. Only local rivals: there are 5 competition sites, "× × talent" or "× × talent network" in the search engine search on the site do not know where to row, and the opponent in each search engine have occupied the first page. Note: × × is the name of a city, not the talent network name, because if you want to search in the search engine on the name of the talent network and in the first place it is too simple, ^_^, only those who do not know the name of the site that you people to search you have value.

2, all the business personnel and service personnel have to talk about the superiority of the website to the customer, such as home or office can complete the job recruitment and so on, here will not discuss specific matters.

3, the applicant data entry site, and give him the account number and password, for job seekers to tell the login account password can freely modify data, send a request to the enterprise application.

4, all data (especially foreign data) and web site address, after any publicity activities to promote the site, such as training or recruitment activities such as details, please visit our website www.***.com website, we have detailed information such as.

promotion on the network

1, buy network real name "× × talent network"

2, log on the major search engines, of course, other search engines to a period of time, then log on two search sites, such as zhao123, 123…… Too much, I’m tired of being fed up.