As long as a careful study of the GG policy, we should pay attention to the characteristics of these AdSense. The fourth is the study of others, will be helpful to you.

1, when choosing a color template for your AdSense advertising, hold down the Shift key you can choose up to 4 colors. The use of such code can be displayed on the web page of these four different templates AdSense ad.

2, if you do not want to display ads AdSense on their website, can choose instead of public service advertising pictures in advertising alternative ads web site or web page or color, color is 16 hexadecimal encoding.

3, folding advertising unit is an advanced function optional alternative advertising. If you do not have a targeted ad, the folding ad unit code will " fold " your ad unit to avoid taking up the page space. This reduces the amount of space that will appear when using alternate colors.

4, according to the study, the limit of Google can grab the page file is 101Kb, exceed this limit, Google no longer read. For example: Sina home page file size is 236Kb, and Google can crawl only 101KB, that is to say, more than 50% of the content of the Sina home page is not Google grab. (poor Sina, in Google’s eyes are not even Copyright: a) in addition, there are a large number of comments on some blog sites, if the page size has exceeded 101KB, you send more comments is of no use.