is also anxious higher person is a taboo. Do Wangzhuan when deciding who will be very excited, very excited, imagine a bright future and hope as soon as possible. Most people think about how much money they can make without thinking about how much money they will lose. Some people are too anxious to make a blind decision, and most of these decisions will deviate from the right direction, or even run counter to. Once the decision deviation or error, if the operation again anxious, it will "die" faster. The correct decision, you will make the wrong decision and effort;, will undoubtedly make you less effective, even into the mire of failure.

saying "More haste, less speed.", as the saying goes "impatient eat hot tofu", people in a hurry in the case of thinking and action is easy to make the wrong decision, it must pay the cost of money and time. After paying the price can adjust well, adjust will be a serious blow to their confidence, and even affect the day after do wangzhuan. Leave "once bitten, twice shy of ten years" psychological shadow. Some people may be unable to get up after a fall never do Wangzhuan.


will inevitably be impetuous, especially young people, chase girls anxious, looking for work is urgent, want to quickly upgrade urgently, raise urgent, urgent urgent business, buy a house to go. But come back, do you find it useful? Most of them are counterproductive. You have to slow down. The young man courageous, energetic and spirit is normal, but to some lack in experience and methods to solve things, so it is more mature more favorable, it is not to say that "will become the largest industry in an old head on young shoulders", it is not without reason. Is anxious not to do a lot of problems in the process of Dongfeng Wangzhuan is not anxious to. When do Wangzhuan decision more calm, more stable, more conducive to make the right decision. To eat a mouthful, the road to step by step, improve the ability to accumulate wealth requires a process. Life is like climbing the stairs, in this process every step steady, otherwise, not only is not up, and may even fall back. Even though the rapid upward, to step by step, step by step on the otherwise empty, will be doomed eternally.

In the above

we talked about a few do Wangzhuan negative psychological influence, so to do Wangzhuan play a positive role in promoting should be what attitude? That is a positive attitude. Positive attitude, in fact, a positive attitude is an enterprising attitude, active attitude, optimistic attitude, is to promote their own, to overcome their psychological quality. This mentality is not only the strength of our acquisition of wealth, but also our life should be a state of mind, in learning, life, love, career and so on should have this mentality. We imagine that when a problem has occurred, has let you lose money, you can use a negative attitude to deal with this matter, for example, you regret, blame yourself, very angry, you hardly wished to live. and

on tenterhooks.

awake at night, can not swallow food, you cried, you do keep close at home, these, but to solve the problem of


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