I am www.12705.com webmaster, last year, 12705 in the Baidu IP is booming, tens of thousands a day to search for "beauty" was ranked second, and other beauty related keywords are almost on the first page of Baidu! At that time, many people find me advertising, advertising, security movie video channel, as well as selling adult sexual things to find me, I was very greedy, so the net, as long as the price is reasonable, I will pick one of the


my search for "beauty" ranked second (then pcpop.com beauty picture channel has been ranked first, and now they do not!), and I waited for half a year, I believe that Baidu is responsible for the artificial intervention people read my website for many times, because the word "beauty" is a popular vocabulary here, Baidu has been Search Ranking Top50, but they never give me the right down, there is no K


but I received adult sexual advertising activities, Baidu K I, then, I began to wonder, why Baidu will K me? Think about Baidu to search for "Adult supplies", only to find that the first page is to do the promotion, it is I grab the Baidu business, thinking about it, in fact, Baidu will profit to survive, if I have copied a lot of picture stand, and I like to pick adult sexual advertising products, so Baidu can think and, some less income, after all, to advertise our individual owners to those people into gender the relative activities, do Baidu promotion much more affordable. So, we take the monthly advertising, should pay attention to some of those who do not receive advertising! Baidu promotion is very fierce!

is said to be able to identify Baidu Ali mother’s advertising code, so do Ali mother advertising site is most of the right to drop or pull hair. After all, Baidu alliance is also worried about Ali mother strong, robbed of their market, this is my personal speculation, we do not have to accept my advice, and to uninstall the Ali Mama advertising, affect their income.

as the saying goes, thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, although I was 12705 Baidu K, but because of "beauty" in Baidu keyword class scenery more than half a year, so many users of Web site to their own network bookmarks, many navigation station included the site, therefore, to establish a strong external 12705 links lead to 12705 now in Google is very good, a lot of search keywords "beauty" category, or appear on the first page of Google, but Google search too few people, one day 12705 of the traffic will be ten thousand only, do mop.com a month is six hundred ad dollars almost all, server could not afford, fortunately, there are other stations, a few days ago, a friend recommended me to do eight side chain (www.bafanglian.cn), feeling really good, one day can earn 100 dollars, earn 5 times as much money as mop.com ah! Can think and mop.com, deduction amount how amazing, but I decided to mop.com or continue to do, but also do together and the eight side chain, after all, the cat.