is now an era of information overload. The enterprise brand marketing environment China compared with 10 years ago, the number of media has increased 10 times, the media price increased by 10 times, the number of advertisements also increased 10 times, the advertising effect is diluted 10000 times, advertising today is in 1/10000 do creative effect. Advertising is dead, not advertising is dead. How to do? The Americans in "the tipping point" (The Tipping Point) in the book to our domestic small and medium enterprises lit up the ideas, the book reveals the reasons behind why many things can be popular, the main idea is popular, news, word of mouth is the need to push. Corporate branding is the fuel of news, not manufactured, nor bombed by advertising. If the advertisement lacks the key element of creating a brand – the credibility will be unimaginable and where will the credibility come from? Only public relations can be detonated by news.

, a new enterprise must have publicity in the media, otherwise it will have no chance in the market. So what should I do about journalism? I think the best way is to advertise it as the first one, in other words, try to be the first brand in a new category. The news media are always looking for news eyes, what is the first, what is hot, and they are most concerned about. When your business brand produces news, it has news value. From 2005 to 2006, when the Xinxiang mountain snow lotus speculation, also caused the news speculation, the news effect is not high; can be said to be a tipping point, role. In addition, advertising is to maintain corporate brand, and news is to shape corporate brand. Advertisement is better than fame, news is better than reputation. Therefore, advertising plays a major role in the initial stage of China’s market, while in the development stage, the role of advertising is degraded, and news becomes the most important. If your enterprise brand advertising investment is very strong, but brand marketing has nothing to do with it, then you remember the following words: news first, advertising second.

I think that marketing is communication and communication is doing things out of thin air, nothing good, things into the event, business news into social news. Generally speaking, the news marketing is not out of thin air, but according to the rules of news, news and events in the body have a certain news planning premise, a planned system of marketing promotion. Market economy is ruthless, precisely because of the various information encountered in marketing, lack of funds, methods are not in place, the active use of news marketing, I believe that can alleviate or lift the above problems. This article originates from: