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. The advertiser Name: Shanghai (

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e-commerce website focused on white-collar women online shopping "Shanghai" (, to provide professional and exclusive merchandise to the user selection; the scope of its business including cosmetics, home appliances, watch mother, and other categories of hundreds of thousands of goods, after several years of development, Shanghai has become a very popular online Chinese shopping mall. Provide safe and convenient online transactions, payment services, including MasterCard, the prestige of the Internet, AIA and other international institutions.

: on-line activities.

1, to put the top 10 web sites to provide the beauty skin care products sample 20;

2, the first 20 sites to provide a variety of practical shopping coupons each;

3, to February 29th, the number of orders the most effective production site will also receive high-end electronic products provided by Shanghai net value of 500 yuan (a gift).

type: CPS


. The Commission: according to the different classification of goods effective sales of 0.3-3% into

reminder: because Shanghai Station commodity variety and product updates faster, some new goods or because of channel adjustment, may cause a portion of the goods temporarily not recorded corresponding commission ratio (the total order is returned to normal, to the end of the month) data check, the unified calculation and return the corresponding data.

* RD=30

. The settlement period:


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. The data return mechanism: real-time return

* advertising review mode: automatic audit

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