on the Internet "floor", "wallpaper", "design furniture"…… This is the self proclaimed "shop decoration" Li Feng day’s work, he claimed to be the standard Indoorsman, staying at home every day, all the shop owners decoration shop in the online help. And the reality of the decoration is not the same, he does not need to decorate the team, his raw material is music, pictures, FLASH, his tool is the mouse and keyboard. "Now we this occupation is becoming more and more common, when business is good before the 8000 yuan a month is not difficult, now do this much, I have 5000 pieces of double cease, or no problem."

PS master even into the money channel

Li Feng is 24 years old this year, the university is chemistry, "with the decoration eight pole not hit a." Out of personal interest, he has been fond of studying Photoshop and other graphics software, FLASH is more like the. When I was in college, my classmates knew that he liked computers, computers, computers and so on. Later, the class has a girl, opened a shop selling jewelry, find Li Feng help her "decoration". "I still feel quite fresh, shop is not a few photos to the top of a pile of it, what is the technology."

promised to help, Li Fengcai found that decoration shop is really not an easy thing. "Jewelry, for example, in kind if it does not go through the post processing, it is not good-looking." Li Feng introduction, most of the pictures of the shop needs to be processed later, if you add some animation, get some music, it will be more attractive. He helped students to re design a set of programs to add a little angel shopping guide animation, the store’s business is a lot better. Since then, Li Feng found the shop "decoration" is a way to make money. In fact, the technical requirements are not high, the key point is the need for art design."

resigned when Indoorsman specialize in "decoration"

after graduation, Li Fengjin a foreign company engaged in research and development. "Chemical experiments are boring, and they are not interested in themselves." Li Feng in the company for nearly a year, during the day to go to work at night in the forum post, then shop decoration list. At that time do not specialize in shop decoration, so business is better." Li Feng almost every day to receive a new list, selling clothes, selling bags, what has." At that time, only the use of spare time, Li Feng to make a list to spend three or four days, a list of about $two hundred or three hundred, but the work is very fine, the basic idea is my own."

due to good reputation, Li Feng’s business is getting more and more fire, but also more and more busy, busy even holidays are not. "At that time the business is really good, a moonlight spare time to earn more than 3000 yuan, higher than my salary." Later, Li Feng just resign, "anyway I also love when Indoorsman, sitting at home and doing what you love, how good." So he became a picture, Flash and music