we take an example from the following to see how our students are not from the door of the two doors of a good student to go on their own initiative on the road.

A, college and network attached to

two, after graduating from the two job

the beginning is very pure very naive, I thought as long as the work potential, even a little low wages does not matter, really go to work, slowly discovered that the joint venture company executives are relatives of the boss, we like migrant workers, to climb it is prohibitively difficult. Work for more than 3 months later, I decided to go, two people put Mimiga up, only to find that no holiday is also good, no place to spend 3 months, even two people together to save 6000 yuan, what is humor my boyfriend, two people decided to resign from the work in parents’ opposition, with my back to the Changsha. Or near the school jiaoshu, Changsha back in school after street looking for a small house rent down, the time to find a job is very boring, every day is in the online vote resume. While looking for a job, while playing a new game "challenge", is also fun to use plug-in behind the hacking, deleted.