college students entrepreneurship is not surprising, but because of the limited funds on hand, the loan is a source of funding for many college students entrepreneurship. So what are the steps for college students to apply for loans? Specifically divided into the following steps:

second steps: initial. By the Municipal Personnel Bureau is responsible for the audit of small loans, whether for graduates to meet the loan conditions, and according to industry oriented, enterprise scale, employment, registered capital and profits of the commercial loan discount for the object information audit, approved discount amount, and the loan project is small loans financial discount profit project review and issue a recommendation list, at the same time, entrepreneurial ability evaluation of graduates to apply for small loans;

The fourth step:

sixth step: approval. By the joint management of the district and county (city) personnel and security agencies, the joint loan project evaluation, is responsible for the final approval of the loan application. After examination and approval of the loan and publicity without objection, by the Personnel Bureau issued a notice of approval, by the handling bank and guarantee institutions signed a guarantee contract, at the same time with the loan applicant signed a loan contract;

seventh step: appropriation. According to the relevant departments for approval notice, bureau of finance to provide service vouchers in discount objects from the students to support their own venture funds appropriated funds. College graduates (Research Specialist, undergraduate, college students) engaged in self-employed, operating from the date of approval, within 1 years from the self-employed registration fees, management fees, self-employed economic contract demonstration text fee. In addition, if the establishment of informal enterprises, just to the district where the streets to be registered, you can be tax-free for 3 years.

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