Taobao is currently growing in size, the pressure of competition is also facing more and more, so want to do a Taobao shop, promotion is very important. So how to do a good job in the promotion of Taobao? The following summary of the Taobao store promotion of seven tips, the owner may wish to refer to the use of.

Taobao shop details page to enhance sales is of great importance. Taobao baby details page will directly affect the conversion rate, details page if you can attract buyers to pay attention to and meet the needs of buyers, will be able to make buyers purchase orders. Baby details page needs to highlight the two part of the information, one is the expression of the basic information and product information and attributes. Two is the driving information: to stimulate customer demand and targeted to highlight the advantages and optimization.

copy of the role and style

(1) in a short period of time to attract the attention of visitors, passing the value of baby

(2) can stimulate the visitor’s desire to buy

(3) to create baby differentiation and personalization, enhance product competitiveness, get rid of the price war

(4) to improve the buyer’s trust

(5) to increase the confidence of buyers continue to browse down

(6) highlight the time, price, increase buyers sense of urgency

(7) highlight the strength of the shop, get more buyers trust

(8) highlight the quality of the product, so that consumers trust shop

There are many factors that influence the choice of

, including quality, style, price, size, brand, upper body effect, comments, sales, store reputation, etc.. Taobao baby details page design is to make the information more perfect to provide customers, and on its basis to highlight the advantages of their own shops, stimulate customer orders.

Taobao shop promotion skills


store promotion skills a distinctive name.

many consumers in the search of the baby, some buyers will use the shop name search method, so the design of the name is also very important. The design of the name, it is best to and their sales of related products, personal and easy to remember, play the effect is relatively high.

Taobao store promotion skills two. Bulletin board

In fact, the

bulletin board is equivalent to a mini ad shop, so once the store has any