Ningxia is located on the coast of the Yellow River, although the area is small, but the local scenery is pleasant, has the very high status in the Chinese people’s mind. In recent years, Ningxia vigorously develop the tourism industry, hoping to use the third industry to promote the development of the local economy, has now achieved some results, has been the focus of attention in various regions.

king, you can travel everywhere in Ningxia, will promote the global tourism, the tourism industry will strive to create open Ningxia’s leading industry and rich Ningxia pillar industry, harmonious Ningxia Fumin industry, beautiful Ningxia green industry. This is the Autonomous Region Party committee and government jointly held the day before the development of global tourism promotion conference on information from the. Deputy director of the Autonomous Region Party Secretary Li Jianhua and the National Tourism Administration Li Shihong at the meeting for the Ningxia Tourism Development Committee inaugurated. Ningxia Tourism Bureau to adjust to the Ningxia Tourism Commission, will be directly under the government agencies to government departments.

land area of only accounted for 0.69%, accounted for 48.4% of the types of tourism resources in Ningxia, it has abundant tourism resources, has the unique advantage of the development of the global tourism. In nature, mountains, rivers, deserts, forests, wetlands, grasslands, canyons, Loess Plateau, Danxia landform, Ningxia in the humanities, Goods are available in all varieties.; Islamic culture, Xixia Culture, silk road culture, the Yellow River culture, red culture, integration of the intersection in Ningxia.

Deputy director of the

National Tourism Bureau Li Shihong said, Ningxia desert tourism, the Yellow River tourism, home style tour has become an important China tourism brand. He praised the characteristics of tourism in Ningxia, differentiated development has made remarkable achievements in institutional innovation, marketing, tourism and other aspects of wisdom has also been in the forefront of the country.

the government of the autonomous region on behalf of the president of Xian Hui said that to make Ningxia as a major scenic spots to the planning and construction of scenic spots, to achieve full coverage, in accordance with the requirements of the global allocation of tourism resources, tourism planning layout, promote the construction of scenic spots, the integration of industrial development, resource close linkage, promote the overall development, break departmental segmentation, region scenic area segmentation, segmentation, effectively solve the problem of "half idle, Liuke difficult, hard shopping, entertainment, and less in the area between regions, between the industry to achieve" one plus one is greater than two "multiplier effect, common started" stuffed Jiangnan · magic Ningxia "brand.

in the past, Ningxia is located in the Hexi Corridor, an important geographical location, as a place inhabited by ethnic minorities, has a very strong cultural connotation. Ningxia’s tourism industry is developing like a raging fire, we expect to see Ningxia better tomorrow, global tourism to attract more foreign tourists!

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