now do blog a lot of friends, very easy because of blog love, the blog has been very popular abroad, whether blog can make money is also a hot topic, in fact, money blogging is feasible, the United States has a full-time people write blog at home, there are millions of dollars monthly income. You can go to the search, since money blogging is feasible, that we need to make money – blog traffic problems, I summed up the 8 methods, certainly far more than these, there is a good way if you can leave a message, the method is feasible, as soon as I conclude my methods.

      1 your blog should be as unique as possible.

      when the visitors visit your site, you must first give visitors a good first impression, let them feel you stand, very unique, worth a visit, so they will continue to look at other articles, even your station.

      2 has a simple easy to remember domain name with blog title.

      a good blog must first have a simple and easy to remember domain name, so we will continue to pay attention to your station, if you stand a lot, even if you have the station that will lose a lot of content access station, a title is also important, as far as possible with the title the contents of the hanging edge, or distinctive, but don’t get too offbeat, make it very hard to understand others. This domain name is, the 5 letter is easy to remember, but the title is also very simple. Of course Tuixy blog space access speed is the key, if you visit a station, half open you have patience do not go to


      3 content may be the most original, so convincing.

      in fact, truly completely original is a bit difficult, but for a blog, if by copying the article that is very difficult to have the development, especially the copying someone else to others is also the copyright infringement. How then do the original, really needs some skills, such as: Integration of resources information, tracking reports of a news, interesting news happening around their own life, feelings, as long as the intention to find, there will still be found. And the original article is more conducive to search engine included.

      4 do not do some of the most popular class blog.

      don’t do the same and have successful blog types, because the success of the blog has been locked in lots of visitors, but also for the search is dominant, so we do not need to compete with them, but.