NetEase eyeing online education is not one or two days.

has been invited to join the NetEase since 2005, when he was invited to join the in the United states. 2006 search formally launched, and then with Youdao Dictionary. Then, by the end of 2010 Netease Open Class launched a gun is fired, the key to enter the online education. Subsequently, the NetEase in May 2011 June 2011 launch of cloud reading, ethics cloud notes available, the NetEase in 2012 May 2014 and launched cloud classroom, love network course cooperation "China University MOOC project launched in 2015, a new IM cloud service platform" NetEase cloud letter "on the line, the original responsible easecredit Ruan Liang was transferred to the NetEase cloud letter & seven fish & NetEase; NetEase general manager of cloud video, from the NetEase in the online education more plump wings.

but as a veteran of the Internet Co, from micro-blog, sina is betting on the Sohu gambling video, NetEase choose online education force, this is why? At present, online education is crowded, the influx of capital, enterprises, the whole industry from the "blue ocean" into a "Red Sea", and even become a "sea of blood" NetEase, also have a few to have


fortunately, the bell recently had a chance to see the NetEase cloud letter NetEase seven fish & & video NetEase general manager ruanliang cloud, from him, I saw a nearly complete NetEase online education layout, see NetEase real ambition".

this time, with the product matrix of NetEase, to outflank online education

in the track of online education, the army has resorted to exhaust all the skills, ready to fight for every inch of land, NetEase, is now gradually formed an online education product matrix, can be said to be "neiwaijianxiu".

outside NetEase cloud classroom, NetEase open class, Youdao school and other

We see

, NetEase cloud classroom present curriculum has reached the number of more than 10000 hours, the total number of over 160 thousand, now the curriculum system and micro professional are significant identification, the former includes university computer science, Internet occupation skills, finance, central management and leadership, IBM cognitive calculation of the five curriculum system, the latter is the front-end development, product managers of more than 20 micro professional, including IT Internet, economic management and other popular jobs, or in this occupation education is the core content of NetEase cloud class.

Among them,

is the title of the cloud classroom for the various types of candidates for the development of the subject of the popular exam learning module. Users can participate in the civil service, architects, accounting and other types of exam practice tests, participate in the discussion and analysis. NetEase is expected to be able to mainstream users online crowd: college graduates, the new recruits into the workplace, hoping to expand the job skills of the workplace, etc., do a comprehensive coverage.

In addition to NetEase

cloud classroom, NetEase, as well as open class NetEase, as well as Youdao school, Youdao master of spoken language, Youdao >