I came into contact with the network from 2000, when the Alibaba website just from the forum in the form of change began to e-commerce information platform, then look at the computer is more and more newspapers like the inside of the study and introduce the method, money and other early network and network marketing to shop on ebay.

then I also began operating a Handmade decorative painting, craft painting, called color inlay cloisonne painting, when online almost can not find the relevant peer website in the sales of similar products, I think there’s a good chance. From then on to build a website, take pictures, write some of the original technology introduction, product introduction and other professional articles published on their website.

since then, several websites I run became newcomers imitate and learn from the best, free textbooks, the current network has a large number of articles are directly copied or slightly change my words will become their own after the. Baidu encyclopedia entries, but also some of my original text!

these "piracy" data although no signature is from my here, but if it is within the industry as the popularity of the information, to promote the development of the industry, I think the post is valuable, I most dislike is the malicious competition colleagues himself not to innovation, only know to copy others the original data, I worked so hard for a sign they make only superficial changes, on the opponent’s website, as who, looking at these sites are then their hearts are not comfortable. In a flagrant way to copy just, some also come back to bite you, that would not be stolen books, but the ideological and moral problems in the network! Chinese current environment to rights is a troublesome thing, the cost is also high


in recent days, they also reflect on why Li Kui beat but Li Gui? Why do they have the original resources and advantages but did not maximize the play out?

wrestled for several days, I want to know is the Internet era, attention to the original and innovation is to maintain the fundamental business or website focused, this premise is right, but as a marketing, it is equally important to


enterprise website, itself weight is relatively low, although my enterprise website optimization is good, a lot of keywords are in the Baidu search engine on the first page of the weight but as the industry website or other large, promotion on its own website far insufficient, must rely on the external network marketing ability bring more customers


Li Kui, who not only to constantly improve the martial arts skill, develop some original special skills, but also to the river walk around yangmingliwan, let more people know the network of rivers and lakes in Liangshan and with a "two big" Black Whirlwind, its own Wu Gonggao, and your mother, loyal man the bravery of the reputation, create a personal popularity and reputation and social influence, have a right to speak, so that people see Li Gui’s face when the robber, will know that Li Gui is a fake, really.