How to improve the

Taobao baby details page to improve the conversion rate by this problem, so big that small is not small, but for the novice or confused. I am also a novice, just took over the life of the Taobao shop is not long, and now is in the learning stage. This problem after I heard the veteran of advice, began to have some of their own ideas, so here to share with you. Because my knowledge is not complete enough, there may be some errors, we hope to hold a skeptical attitude to learn, welcome criticism.

we generally think that the baby details page is the description of the place where the baby, write some text to do a little picture is finished. In fact, there are a lot of attention to the details of the baby page, we need to continue to improve the adjustment in order to truly retain customers, enhance the conversion rate.

1 baby details description

this refers to the product in the background, the need to fill in the properties of the product, this is best to fill in the integrity, because it is a description of the product attributes. Fill in more detail, on the one hand, the customer will at the time of the visit to a more detailed understanding of product information, on the other hand, the show is to enhance a property title ranking quality, so the baby details description, can it do with.

2 related sales

has a lot of the manager will choose the baby details page top add related sales module, this was very popular on Taobao. But there are a lot of publicity in the task manager, start related sales, is bound to affect the attention of customers, is likely to increase in the depth of access at the same time, also increase the bounce rate. If the associated product is very good, it is what the customer wants, it can also be. If customers look tired, it may be The loss outweighs the gain.. Therefore, some experts, can be placed in the current product sales related words and pictures describe the end end, so as to allow customers to have a detailed understanding of the current product, can give more choices are compared, so that it is easy to achieve and the conversion of traded goods. Of course, this is each one according to his lights problem. The manager is considered independent of

3 baby text and picture description

a lot of description of the text of the product manager will be relatively deficient, may be affected by "without the truth". The picture is good, but not too much. It is important that the picture to fully show the characteristics and advantages of the product, not just a simple stack, so there is no use. Personal recommendations, the best products through their own shooting and a simple modification to show its characteristics, can not be used online we often see pictures, but also too new.

also illustrated is very important, in the picture you can attach a simple description of features, customers can deepen the understanding of the product. Of course creative design is best.

in these things