January 24th news, following the launch of a vertical search business, the 360 search of its owners platform (zhanzhang.so.com) recently formally launched. At present, the platform has a self-service submission Sitemap (site map) function and detection site security, site speed, Ping testing and DNS testing four types of tools for the webmaster to submit included.

According to

, Sitemap refers to the web site at all levels of the summary list and hierarchical structure. The webmaster can be web pages (URL link) made into a standard Sitemap file, add the 360 search Webmaster Platform, can guide 360 search engines more quickly and fully grasp the content on the website.

webmaster to join the process of the basic platform for landing and add website webmaster identity verification, after the completion of verification can be directly added data, updating data specified frequency and deployment documents in accordance with the standard Sitemap file format specification, fill in the file store address in the address bar, click Submit.

360 search, said the invitation to join the webmaster in order to build a new relationship between content sites and search engines win. On the one hand, encourage webmasters by submitting a Sitemap file to show its high quality resources better to search user, assist the 360 search engines better grab site information, make search results more accurate and more comprehensive; on the other hand, to encourage the station of the deep processing of station information, to provide professional and structured data, make the retrieval results more the real credible.

commented that 360 search exploration level in business, in addition to broaden the channels, are also actively contact webmaster resources, to construct a flow alliance, to digest more search advertising. According to reports, the Internet circle of well-known webmaster Guo Jijun has joined 360 at the end of last year, served as director of the union of the 360, which is also regarded as the signal of the unity of the 360 small search.

according to CNZZ statistics show that 360 search since the flow of online share steadily, in December 2012 the market share of up to 10.52%, has become China’s top second search engines. (Chuck)