day before the well-known IDC service provider Yanhuang network integrated version of DEDECMS+HDWIKI officially became the official host, DEDE WIKI, and the node depth Yanhuang network partnership. The three party jointly agreed to jointly promote the popularization of brands and products, and officially launched the Chinese foreign joint network DEDE+WIKI host package products, provide the most professional dedicated host DEDE+WIKI for the majority of owners, but also with the new integrated version of grand release DEDECMS the latest version of V5.5 and HDWIKI V4.05 downloads in the event page that provides more excellent CMS products for the majority of owners. It is reported that DEDECMS V5.5 is an upgraded version of V5.3.1, compared with the version of V5.3, the largest increase in terms of humanity, in addition to the known BUG repair, increase the number of human options that will bring the webmaster new experience.

In order to cope with the

host package successful product launch exclusive HDWIKI package for the purchase of special permission alliance member acquisition encyclopedia, so that buyers can enjoy a richer collection service entry. HDWIKI is the only domestic encyclopedia website provider for Chinese user design and development, the original visual Wiki editor, superior access speed and load capacity, easy to use template engine, internationalization and standardization of the product architecture. The launch of HDWiki, HDWiki in terms of ease of use and functionality, such as access to a large number of small and medium-sized owners and Wiki enthusiasts love, thousands of websites successfully build Wiki sites and channels.

It is reported that the

launch package consists of three products, respectively is the DEDE+WIKI entry type package products and DEDE+WIKI type package products, DEDE+WIKI VIP package products, engineers according to the technical characteristics of integration of version of the program, web Yanhuang network server kernel; php/MySQL (optimal combination and collocation of PHP) version, do for optimization, and develop the related function key version of the installation in integration in function, to provide more efficient and convenient environment for users to build a platform.

at the same time in order to better meet the needs of business users, the package purchase users will also enjoy the special offer to purchase DEDECMS and HDWIKI commercial version of the privilege, including providing authorization, data conversion, program integration procedures such as the official provider of attentive service, and quickly built from out of the ordinary web service platform.

the three party cooperation indicates that the domestic well-known CMS providers have begun to carry out all aspects of depth and professional IDC service providers cooperation, improve their product line, brand to push each other. I believe there will be more CMS providers and IDC service providers to join in, to provide more high-quality, fast >