Abstract: through innovation to create value for users, Wang Xing think this is the core of the second half of the internet.


Chinese Internet has entered the second half".

This is the new CEO

Wang Xing summary speech views on the internal work of the first half. In this internal speech, Wang Xing also announced a merger after a number of new data, which is quite brisk, in the past June, the new Guinness platform has exceeded 11 million 500 thousand single peak day orders. Wang Xing internal speech also revealed the latest data:

"in the 12 months ending in June 30, 2016, the new high active buyers reached 220 million, App’s monthly active users reached 180 million, the two important indicators are more than the user after the Alibaba, Jingdong, ranked Chinese e-commerce platform second."

The positioning of the enterprise after the merger is "big new

service business platform". It is understood that in the business side, complete the U.S. group and the public comment through business integration and system, the accumulation of the whole platform of POI (point of interest) information has reached 20 million, and the new big cooperation between various businesses reached 4 million 320 thousand, covering almost all levels of the city Chinese — Wang Xinmei said as "the first Chinese service business platform" on the basis of here.

second half: just open

"Today, we

in what kind of time, can speak a lot of content, such as we have what kind of opportunities, what kind of challenges, however, if only a concept, in a word, I want to say, ‘second half’ has just begun." After the publication of the results, has always been calm Wang spent 40 minutes to talk about his understanding of the second half, I heard that this is about half of the total time to speak.

Wang Xing talk about the second half, from the United States and the public comment on the integration of the two companies to complete the basic work, has talked about China’s macroeconomic development.

in October last year after the merger of the United States and the public comment, like the two rivers converge. We spent three and a quarter of the time has basically completed the integration team, the integration team is very important, it is not easy, but the company will create value to foreign, there are so many colleagues in the past, we have a good foundation, we completed the integration, obtain a higher market share after that, we will continue to prove their value, we should really foreign to create value, and create value through our own value of cash." Through innovation to create value for users, Wang Xing think this is the second half of the core.

Internet business for more than ten years, Wang Xing at the moment put forward the concept of the second half, with its many years of practice and accumulation of results, this paper expounds the meaning of the meaning of the three levels.

"from a macro point of view, for the whole