after a better new year financially and bitter days after the storm finally proudly circle veteran success in A stock market. But the "revolutionary journey" is still long, on sales by net profit of A shares, the storm can not be achieved if the pattern breaking and find new profit point, ten years of hard work will be on fire.


after a better new year financially and bitter day, called the circle of the patriarch of the storm finally proudly – successfully listed on the A shares. They are listed in the first three days of the stock price reached more than 20% soared, the market value of the successful growth of nearly 50%, breaking through the $1 billion.

in order to avoid abnormal fluctuations in the stock market, the storm last night issued a risk warning, they announced a total of seven potential risks in order to try to cool investors. They could be seen for such "sudden happiness", that is a heart palpitation.

why panic? Nothing is scared of the listing to hit drama, if the price is out of control, finally turning the storm will fell and smashed to pieces. From the creation to the market, the storm has gone through a twelve year long road. Looking back, they are on this road, "minutes are wonderful".

2003, the first storm as a decoding integrated video player was born. By virtue of all signs, storm soon to win a large number of users, is one of a small.

in 2005, the current CEO Feng Xin departure from YAHOO, created a hot video. Two years later, the hot continuous acquisition of storm video and super decoding, and the integration of the company into the current storm, storm internet.

in 2008, still in the University of small to buy their first laptop, and storm was one of the necessary software installed. But soon I took it off, even if it was an almighty artifact, a bloated artifact.

5 year old storm, was already very bloated. Plug-ins, advertising and other content are all packed, no fat storm before the kind of elite temperament. Just when I tried to install an old version, to get back the feeling of first love, it also does not let, what forced upgrade. Will decisively uninstall, then became a lot of people at the time of choice.

‘s endless obesity, and finally led to a serious problem – "519 off network incident" occurred a year later. The reason is that the storm to allow users to install and run the Internet in the background of the process of networking, and then through the scale of hundreds of millions of users, and ultimately contributed to the occurrence of this rare network failures.

subsequently, the storm for the accident to take a measure of the former did not see the ancients before the move – "software recall". In fact, it is to provide a clear version of bug and called on the majority of users to uninstall the old version. From the "fattening" to "recall", in this wonderful way more > storm