now registered micro-blog’s Wuhan friends found in Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent registered micro-blog, are required to fill in the real name and identity card number, it is difficult to register successfully. Reporters yesterday found that the verification, the four major portals micro-blog new registration has implemented a real name system.

registration must be real name nickname can be voluntary

reporter yesterday in the four major portals of the new micro-blog registration, the registration link has increased the need to fill in the real name and identity card number. Sohu and NetEase micro-blog, if not through the real name authentication, although you can still browse micro-blog, but if you want to speak will pop up dialog box, requiring real name authentication. Sina micro-blog if you do not fill, then completely pass. Tencent micro-blog if you fill in the error, but also requires re verification.

according to the "Beijing micro blog development management regulations", the micro-blog name system requirements, the background real name, that is to say, the voluntary registration information must use real names and identity card numbers, micro-blog is free to fill in the nickname.

website promised not to disclose personal privacy

micro-blog real name system so that users are very concerned about Wuhan. Hankou netizen Miss Xiao said, micro-blog rumors, harassment information more, after the real name micro-blog more reliable. The Wuchang netizen Guo said, accustomed to diving hair micro-blog, the real name system will be very unaccustomed. Users of the real name system may occur in the process of personal privacy leakage generally expressed concern.

reporter consulted 4 micro-blog customer service staff, are referred to as "true identity" is to compare the user name and ID number with the public security departments of the database, the web server does not retain any user data. Micro-blog said in a letter sent to the user, will do a good job of information security, to ensure that the user’s information will not leak.

real name system also left a hole

reporter found yesterday in the test process, part of the real name system in the implementation of micro-blog also left a hole". Sina micro-blog in addition to electronic mail registration must be through the real name authentication, but also provides a mobile phone number registration, and now the phone number is not completely real name, so you can apply for anonymity in disguise.

Tencent micro-blog, although also required to fill in the name, identity card number, but if you fill in the wrong, you can log in micro-blog experience, and can directly send micro-blog.

real name system deadline tomorrow to pro

now before many micro-blog users are anonymous registered in the real name system requirements, this part of the user of micro-blog NetEase in January to decide on what path to follow? The user issued a notice that, in March 16th, micro-blog published comments, forwarding, must carry out the true identity authentication information, without real name authentication account will only browse the page. But the 4 micro-blog to yesterday, there are no anonymous registered users issued a notice of the implementation of the real name system.

According to the Beijing daily, the Beijing Internet information office is responsible for