married must have a marriage certificate, a company shall have business license, China law, all business telecommunications and Internet business enterprises must apply for ICP license (license management of People’s Republic of China Telecom and information service), Google entered China in 2006, and has been "shared" a ICP licence. The issue of license plate has become the biggest hidden danger in the operation of China’s Google legitimacy. Until July 2007, Google officially announced the formation of China, and venture, Beijing Guxiang Information Technology Co. Ltd. formally received the Ministry of Information Industry issued a ICP license, ICP card and B2-20070004 words "be used three years Google Chinese licence.


, this card will be expired, the annual day is approaching. In 2010 January, GOOGLE from China incident caused no small controversy at home and abroad, to really good, or bad temper, for most people, the whole event is just a "topic", when a topic always cooling out of view. However, some things can but some things seem to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, than trouble, for example, this time Google can get the ICP license? This seems to be a very tangled issue, the parties are very tangled, so we will have a broad space of fantasy.


these three people can decide what you know and what you don’t know about

looked at the above three photo editor could not help but think of the current National People’s daily advocate to bring down the "three mountains", after years of pushing don’t know or not down, we also did not know it was pulled down.

quoted someone familiar with the description, from January to date, Google headquarters in the Chinese side has been constantly exploring the bottom line, and in the case of a clear attitude of the Chinese people, is currently waiting for the final determination of Google internal. But this decision only by · co-founder Sergei brin; (2) and Larry · (under CEO) and Paige; Eric · Schmidt (in) to. In fact, the views of the three men are not the same. See the tendency from their CEO Schmidt, the most acceptable business logic oriented, the two founders, Paige’s reaction is not intense, tends to be neutral, brin is most dissatisfied with the present condition, this boy so young cynic and growth history said, there are insiders who don’t gossip about his ancestors, is the Soviet Union or East German immigrants



quotes content from Li Kaifu’s autobiography, "the world is different because of you"

describes a scene in Li Kaifu biography "world because of you" in a Book: "when I (Li Kaifu himself) in mountain view, and Sergei to dinner, he said to me:" don’t worry, even if we removed, you >