"full music card" revealed to 36 krypton, was completed in October 2015 of the Pre-A round of financing, by long lead investment amounts in millions of dollars. Le Le card was completed in January 2015 in the United States, Silicon Valley, hundreds of thousands of dollars Angel round of financing, by Amino Capital (formerly known as zPark Capital) investment.

full music card in the customer management, the two marketing decisions. Using a set of automated algorithms to build customer behavior model to help businesses at the most appropriate time points, to send customized customized SMS to different users. The project started from November 2014 to 2015 in Silicon Valley, returning to deep.

full Le card from the store to get the consumer data, and then based on the algorithm outlined consumer behavior. The core algorithm is mainly based on three dimensions of data dynamic evolution: the last consumption long, consumption frequency, and a single amount of consumption; at the same time will be combined with third party data, such as weather, around the consumption status and nearby activities status. With the gradual maturity of the model, the system will be automatically pushed to the user at the appropriate time to set up a good SMS, can Bao Hanru discount, redeem points to remind, buy a send one form.

36 full music card in krypton reported last year, to the merchant with a flat time in the collection of consumption data, because this model emphasis, now full music card and some have a single, catering company CRM cooperation. As a result, full music card service stores need to be relatively perfect IT.

music card at this stage of the marketing approach is mostly based on text messages, assisted in the form of WeChat. The reason to choose the text message, because it is the most cost-effective way of marketing. And, Le Le card at this stage also do not pull new users work, because the main purpose of the current algorithm is to stimulate customers to repeat consumption, and new customers no consumer behavior.

like this member managed projects, has become the trend of the catering industry.

foreign countries also have similar marketing automation company FiveStars, but more emphasis on personalized editing to allow businesses to send text messages, and non procedural content set a good discount, for every customer to understand and pay attention to. We had also introduced some business management tools, such as covering the products in the store shelves, billing, payment and membership management business experts, the use of "product + operation" form to help businesses manage members, provide a CRM marketing plan, compared with this versatile tool, the starting point is smaller with music card or, can dig deeper into the point of marketing automation.

is full of music card service accumulated over the past year in small retail at around 200, this year has reached a cooperation with some well-known chain businesses, such as black tea, Pacific Coffee etc.. Can achieve 10%-15% to store customer promotion, 9%-14% turnover growth effect.