chat using QQ, which is the most common way of social networking in China, almost every person who uses the Internet will have a QQ number, so QQ has become a tool for website promotion. QQ is a virtual world, is a real world, QQ promote the use of good, will bring very much flux and brand effect, if QQ is not good, also can produce viral vicious spiral, such as web site was blocked, QQ advertising a was a T. There are many ways to promote QQ, including QQ alone chat promotion, QQ group promotion, QQ mail promotion, QQ space promotion, etc.. For these promotion methods, each have different requirements, in the promotion should take different ways.

to do any promotion, the most important thing is to let the other side to generate trust. The Internet is full of crooks, a serious lack of trust today, the establishment of trust is very important. Trust each other, the next step will become easier to promote. How to generate trust?

1, data authenticity and integrity. Most of the Internet is false information, when people see your QQ that reads "Hometown: Mars", no trust? Fill in a true and complete information (also can not real, but it seems to be true), is the foundation of trust part.

2, regular greetings. If a person for the first time will bring you cold ad, you will believe this advertisement? If it is a greeting to you often friends introduced one day a fun thing to you, you will go to see? Obviously, target people for you every day and you all kinds of friends send greetings is very important.

3, communication. Society exists because of communication, and the difference between people and other creatures is that they have more communication. Trust is also gradually increasing in the process of communication, the exchange of content can be set out from a common hobby (which requires a certain amount of research on the target population, a little bit difficult).


just said is the trust of the target population. So in the promotion of QQ to find the target population is also very important, so how to find your target population?

1, QQ group search function. QQ group provides a search function, we can use the target population keywords search to find the target population in the QQ group.

2, forum search. Similar people tend to gather in the same forum, the general forum will open some QQ group, you can join the target population through this channel groups.

3, the establishment of QQ group. QQ group in the promotion of others there will always be a variety of trouble, their own QQ group can not only increase the trust of the target population, but also free advertising, so the establishment of QQ group effect is very good. But the disadvantage is that the increase in the number of people need to do some promotional work.

on the promotion of QQ may be three days and two nights can not finish, it is said here, >