According to media exposure

news, NOKIA will release a series of 1 flagship models, models of 1050, known as NOKIA’s most valuable mobile phone. It is understood that the mobile phone will be equipped with a 1.4 inch screen, support FM radio, and also equipped with a flashlight, designed for full keyboard, with the previous machine, the machine will inherit the waterproof NOKIA has always been, dustproof and anti fall characteristics, at the same time, the machine has a 35 day standby capacity, continuous assimilation up to 12.5 hours, by which a series of information, it is not difficult to find that the machine still NOKIA classic, just like in today’s mobile phone can withstand the test of the market


rugged durability has become the past: the low-end Android phone was the siege of

Before the

in Android and apple, NOKIA rely on a sturdy and durable and high price, almost seckill of other brands of mobile phone, mobile phone occupy most of the market share, which achieved when NOKIA mobile phone hegemony, the mainstream mobile phone market is the pursuit of sturdy and durable. After appearing in IPhone and Android, consumer taste changed, large screen, touch screen and the price thus became the mainstream mobile phone market at present, so more and more consumers began to give up is a durable NOKIA.


and IPhone, NOKIA occupy the high-end market share has disappeared, the pursuit of perfection and the ultimate experience of consumers will choose to buy the IPhone, but the pursuit of cost and the appearance of the consumers can choose Samsung mobile phone Android, CHINO Nokia in the high-end market is no longer the consumers preferred, for example that’s a classic NOKIA 5230XM touch screen models priced at about 1500 yuan, but compared to 1500 yuan Android models, both the configuration and the screen size of NOKIA’s products are not comparable with Android phones, and Symbian user experience and expand is comparable with Android is not in a the sense of NOKIA has lost its traditional advantages, namely the price.

although in the late NOKIA launched Windows Phone system equipped with Lumia models, but the series of product market performance is still unsatisfactory. If NOKIA has lost in the high-end market in the low-end market, so NOKIA can gain a firm foothold? We know that Android models span a large price range, the production of Android mobile phone manufacturers are more, from several hundred dollars to thousands of yuan of domestic models of foreign models than the ratio is, NOKIA has received the unprecedented challenge. For example, the current mobile and China Unicom and other operators of contract models have been difficult to find the shadow of NOKIA, a low-end machine is some hundreds of yuan of domestic models, while the high-end machine is apple and Samsung products, thus it can be seen that NOKIA is no longer favored by the market, sturdy and durable has become the past.