is Hollywood really crowded with Chinese companies,



is the first to take the Hollywood one of the "big six", but not Wanda Tencent,

?According to Peng Bo

reports, Tencent also made large pictures, so it is looking for acquisition targets. Tencent pictures CEO Cheng Wu said in an interview that potential acquisition targets included in the Hollywood company, as well as the movie creation and production areas of the company. He did not elaborate, but said the main consideration is the film Tencent acquired company Tencent can add their own capabilities and resources.


has a lot of ways to drive business growth, and investment is one of them," said Cheng Wu. "We will accelerate business development through appropriate mergers and acquisitions. If this helps our business grow at the right time, we are also very happy."

pictures have such Tencent to buy buy buy ideas in overseas, it is affected by the rival Ali pictures and Wanda


Ali and Wanda buy buy buy

According to market research firm IHS

Markit and PWC is expected to China will become the world’s highest grossing movie countries next year, is expected to grow by 22%, reaching $10 billion 400 million, box office revenues grew 22% to $10 billion 400 million.

in order to compete for the Chinese huge movie market, Ali pictures invested in a movie "mission impossible 5: mysterious country", shares of Spielberg film company Amblin Partners.

Wanda not to mention. 2012, Wanda cinema line to $2 billion 600 million acquisition of AMC, became the world’s largest cinema operator. In January this year, he bought the legendary pictures for $3 billion 500 million (Legendary Entertainment), began to enter the film field. Two months later, AMC invested $1 billion 100 million acquisition of American cinema this makes Wang Jianlin Ralph Carmichael, the United States and the world’s largest film producers.

Wanda also spent 1 billion Golden Globe awards such as the acquisition of us production company Dick · Clark (Dick Clark Productions) studio, the company is offering a large "the Great Wall" of the film will be released in this month.

"in the future we will work with Hollywood, they have the expertise to help us better explore the global market." Cheng Wu said, we will actively seek opportunities."

analysis of htisg a Hongkong analyst Billy Leung, from Hollywood studios to computer animation company, may be a potential target for film Tencent. All Chinese players, including Ali and Tencent and other Chinese companies are trying to speed up the production of homemade content. It’s just more money than anyone else."

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