with the rapid development of e-commerce, network marketing is more and more favored by small and medium enterprises. How to do a good job in the network marketing of small and medium enterprises, has become a number of small and medium enterprises must consider the issue. I began in 2006 engaged in network marketing, contact with many small and medium enterprises network marketing case. The author believes that the B2B website is the best platform for small and medium enterprises network marketing, small and medium enterprises can be called the holy place of network marketing.

1, small and medium sized enterprises B2B website usage analysis

according to statistics, as of the first half of 2011 reached nearly 3000 SMEs, although the current popularity of SMEs B2B site is much lower than large enterprises, but huge growth. Relevant data show that the domestic use of B2B users in the first half of the size of 2011 users in the first half of the year has exceeded, more and more small and medium enterprises to choose B2B website to conduct their own network marketing. Small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing has become the biggest driving force of the development of e-commerce market.

2, small and medium enterprises B2B website network marketing effect

small and medium enterprises use B2B network marketing effect, to be much larger than ordinary web site. B2B platform has a huge traffic base, and these flows for SMEs there is a high degree of accuracy.

I often free advertising world factory, IP120 million, included 2300 enterprises, and 13 million procurement inquiry, these are common sites can not match. Especially the release of free advertising on its home page, one day there will be hundreds of thousands of hits, every day can bring dozens of orders.

on the B2B platform to establish an independent domain name shops, a symbol of the corporate image of the independent domain name, can be like the promotion of enterprise website promotion. According to my experience, PPC, SEO optimization, Forum promotion, mail promotion, micro-blog promotion, SNS promotion and so on all of these promotional tools can be used in the establishment of the world factory domain independent shops.

small and medium enterprises in the network marketing process, as long as the full use of these information and functionality, will be able to bring more and more orders for themselves.

The value of

3 and B2B website in the network marketing of small and medium sized enterprises

B2B website brings together the most comprehensive enterprise information, large flow, high weight, small and medium enterprises to publish information can be quickly collected. In the world factory network, small and medium enterprise users to publish information, general Baidu can be included that day, and will give a high weight, and even beyond the enterprise master, ranking first. B2B site for small and medium enterprises network marketing is a gold mine to be developed. Free advertising, independent domain name shops is the highest taste of gold ore, mining out the value of the network marketing of SMEs is immeasurable.

only with B2B website, small and medium-sized enterprise net >