asked: Hello, I was the "09 annual meeting of the Organizing Committee of Jiangsu station" organizer of old K, thank you for your attention and support on the Internet in Jiangsu, as a model for the circle of grassroots webmaster you have what we want to say

Jiangsu station?

answer: we Jiangsu webmaster are very pragmatic, but also attaches great importance to the exchange, as long as the efforts and persistence, I think success is not far away from us.

: let’s talk about how you feel about Nanjing:

answer: Nanjing is one of four famous ancient capitals China and historical and cultural city, I went back to Anhui old home passing through Nanjing, Nanjing Yuhuatai scenic area, Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum scenic area is very good, the lion bridge delicacy Confucius temple dashiba street and Hunan Road all have a distinctive flavour.

Q: can you give us a brief introduction of your site? Let us know more about you?


station network ( was founded in 2005, providing the most comprehensive information for the webmaster webmaster, webmaster forum ( website mainly provides services such as domain name trading transactions, but also the webmaster for the exchange of experience, entertainment and leisure community.

Q: can be combined with the theme of this conference, "on the website to promote the profit of the road," to talk about your opinion?

answer: different types and different areas of the site has different promotion and profit model. Personally think that the future promising sites have 2 kinds: one is the local industry vertical portal and life information website, Nanjing friends network, Nanjing second-hand information network, Nanjing tourism network, Nanjing decoration nets, Nanjing rental network and so on, the more successful example is the 8684 and Nanjing house365, this kind of website promotion than offline online promotion is more important, the main profit mode for membership fees and advertising. The second category is the electronic commerce website, this website you need to do to do industry portals,, red child, Jingdong mall has not realistic, as long as the focus on a small area, such as a wine net, a profit of millions, there are many such examples, when you the website to make your website users benefit through various means of promotion, your site will do more successful.

: do you participate greatly small Adsense will have more than hundreds of games, to the conference of experts make your proposal


A: we mainly through the party exchanges to seek opportunities for cooperation in the field of Internet information rapid change, rely on it alone the chance of success is very small, the webmaster must learn cooperation, win-win cooperation.

: please give this last 09 years Jiangsu webmaster will say a blessing in the


answer: I wish the 09 annual meeting of the Jiangsu success.

thank you for your busy schedule to participate in this year’s annual meeting in Jiangsu, and look forward to meeting you.

09 Jiangsu annual meeting