domain name, patent rights, ownership, network planning, and from a legal point of view to look at the Alibaba, will find that in the process of the company step by step in Ma very early with surprising legal consciousness.

text / Zhang Yi


Ma Yun story has been told many times, but many people ignore that he in the process of entrepreneurship and Shou Yeh also has repeatedly faced legal decisions, these choices and consciousness has become an important guarantee for the success of the enterprise, compared with aggressive marketing and product innovation, law you have a good sense of mastery has more defensive value. And this value in the creation stage, Ma was very skilled.

domain name battle

1996, Ma came to the National Sports Commission to promote "China Yellow Pages" business, a two minute video record of the spread of the Internet under the circumstances at the time: Ma was removed to find a staff member surnamed Gong division of comprehensive sports publicity, after a brief introduction of purpose, throw out a selling point, he told each other: "the name Chinese sports we registered down." Unfortunately, this is the focus of his attention but did not get the attention, the other did not negotiate in accordance with the process of booking refused further negotiations.

after several years we look back, will be surprised at how Ma was domain awareness, with sports officials very limited opportunity to communicate in a few words, he chose the domain name as the key, that he knows what the importance of electronic commerce domain at that time, also know that grab register is an advantage, but this in the simple legal consciousness under the guidance of the advantage has not been appreciated by the Committee of officials at the time. There are other records, Ma has been registered, Chinese Chinese sports culture domain, and put forward the free gift to China Sports Commission and the Ministry of culture, but the other does not appreciate.

today, the importance of the domain name in the electronic commerce activity has no need to emphasize, known as "Internet domain name on the label", and "first registered first" rule also makes a number of domain name for hoarding industry who made a fortune. In fact, if Ma is not a more long-term ideal and attend to the heresy alone, his keen sense of smell in the domain name, I believe it can live a comfortable life. No, we went on to talk about his legal story:

at the end of 1998, Ma sitting in a restaurant, his head name cudgel thinking Future Ltd, there had been hundreds of names flashed through my mind, but still not ideal, so he let his thoughts back to the creation of the original company. He felt that the Internet is like a treasure waiting for people to find to dig, and his company should be the first to open the treasure, think of this idea: his company is the Alibaba! Open the treasure of young Alibaba? Ma excitedly called to the waiter at the restaurant, the waiter blurted out "Alibaba, Chicago >