recently there are a lot of webmasters in the chat and talk about 2008 of China’s Internet small and medium-sized Adsense market. Many owners are not without frustration, said SP has become old, the union buckle serious, search included slowdown. Difficult to make money throughout the circle of small owners. Look at the bigwigs of a portal I can only be envious, lamented his life as people heave great sighs.

The Internet Report at the end of 07

shows that more than 200 million Chinese Internet users, the number will be more and more, more and more. With the reduction of PC cost, bandwidth cost and the popularity of broadband. An increasing number of Chinese Internet users are trying to enjoy the excitement of the Chinese internet. The Internet advertising market is also growing rapidly every year. Is expected to more than 12 billion yuan in more than $08 cake. In the face of this growing market, most small owners showed a decline. Simply rely on the existing network tutorials, to do traffic, and then sold to the flow of advertising alliance model is clearly in the early stages. From the forum can not see, more and more owners began to sell their hard raised station. The key reason is that access and pay is not proportional. NetEase survey data show that some time ago, 45% of small and medium-sized webmasters think they did not get income through the site, and even some of the owners said at a loss to raise stations. More full-time webmaster chose to go to work while standing.

so, one side is constantly expanding Chinese Internet market, while gradually decline small owners not to earn money. Where is the problem?

recently, the Chinese Webmaster Station to do a small range of questionnaires, from the survey, may be able to find the reason why small and medium-sized owners to make money difficult. Survey data show that nearly half of the owners said that the union buckle quantity and a single profit model is the focus of the decline of the small owners. 20% of the owners believe that the lack of platform for small and medium-sized speech platform, is a forgotten group. Nearly 30% of respondents also said owners of webmaster information lack of information, leading the entire industry is an important reason for the small owners opaque situation.

comprehensive questionnaire, summed up the following factors affect the main factors of the small and medium-sized webmaster industry:

The low price strategy impact of bad

server business site stability: low price and no wrong, but the server is not stable to the webmaster is a fatal blow, until the amount of hard up, the server always appear such problems, so that the owners get disheartened.

search engines slowdown site IP growth: more and more visitors to the small and medium-sized webmaster site through search engines, small owners now jumped into a vicious circle, every day from the original for visitors to the station now for search engines, each big station, small webmaster forum discussed the most is the search and update optimization of topic.

acquisition and cheating brought about by the negative growth in the price of IP: an increasing number of acquisition tools and traffic cheat tutorial to make China’s Internet site IP increasingly worthless. More webmaster said, 08 years of site IP and 0> 10 thousand