recently, I found that Baidu know is a good website promotion tool, use it to promote the site, even, you no longer have to pay attention to Baidu’s collection and ranking problem!

Baidu know, is to ask questions through the station, and then by the user to answer a way to make users more convenient and quick understanding of network information. Baidu know is based on Baidu’s internal procedures, Baidu included on the nature of the fast. Moreover, I tested, GG included Baidu know the problem is particularly fast! Understand the end of these, we can do on their own website publicity!

first, in their own website, the release of some users are more concerned about the information, pay attention to: the original is better.

follow it, to know the question in Baidu, here also have to pay attention to the question must be in line with the requirements of Baidu, and to be simple and clear, in line with the habit of public search.

next, is to find a friend to help you answer questions, this content, including content and participation of information. Special attention should be paid: do not have to ask their own answer, even if it is a different ID, but also easy to cause the attention of Baidu, and Baidu will have a IP record, once found to be cheating, then you have the possibility of being blocked ID. In addition, can not use the same ID often reply to the same url.

the last step, you have to choose the most appropriate answer. Finished work. If you write the problem is the current query more problems, then you can sit and then connect to the IP traffic!

see here, or you would like to say, there are many similar tools online!! on the Internet, similar tools, in addition to Baidu know, and you know, SOSO know, are the same principle, we can have a try, believe you will get unexpected results!


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